Ohamah School

To Be Announced at a Later Date

Ohamah School

This experience is not about channeling. This opportunity is not about healing. This is a moment in time when an unfolding is being offered to only those who ready to be their own Teacher and radiate their own Divinity.

The Collective Energies of Ohamah™, Kuthumi and Kuan Yin are uniting to set the theme and focus for this program. We will be under the direction and leadership of this Collective. They are excited as never before. Now is the time to bring in the New Energy. This New Energy is waiting for us. Now is the time!

Resolution will happen! This is not more of the old. In fact old must leave. This is not another healing modality that uses 'force' or 'waving of the hands' to effect change. We will be using imagination to open up to the 'field' of is-ness. In this multi-dimensional field is where 'New Energy' is and natural healing will occur.

The OhamahSchool is an opportunity to be a new leader in a new paradigm.

Note: Those taking mood altering, psychotropic, or psychotherapeutic medications are not eligible to participate in the Gatherings. This is by request of Ohamah™ since the energies we will be accessing are masked by these medications.

It is not guaranteed that all will be able to tap into the 'Field' and achieve New Breath™ after one week. Each person is unique and develops at their own rate. The willingness to let go of your 'story' is the determining factor in this process.

A big part of your 'story' may be the New Age Metaphysical beliefs held so sacredly. Are you ready to let go of these to discover your Authentic Self?

Please email Aandrah (Norma Delaney)   with your inquires.

Cost: $5,000.00 USD

Transportation, hotel and dinners are your responsibility.

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