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Norma Delaney
E. Garret Annofsky

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About Us

Norma and Garret have been inspiring others during this incredible time of transformation to live their lives in a new Soul-led way.

Norma met Kuan Yin on the island of Kauai over twenty years ago. With patient and loving compassion, Kuan Yin taught Norma to followed her breath to a place deep within where she discovered the love of her Soul. She began to share this new breath and is dedicated to helping others find that place of peace within.

Norma and Garret met in California in 1991. Soon after, Garret left his profession as a Doctor of Dentistry and committed more fully to his spiritual journey. He continues to broaden his knowledge of computers which he so aptly applied to the creation of their New Breath website. Known for his wonderful wit, Garret teaches in tandem with Norma sharing the wisdom he draws from his everyday life experiences.

Integration is another passionate focus of Norma and Garret’s work. It all began when Norma was asked to facilitate a woman diagnosed with multiple personality disorder. The results were amazing and clearly showed the value of using breath as a tool for integration. Through private sessions, seminars, and their Ohamah School, Norma and Garret assist people worldwide to bring their wounded parts home to their Soul and begin to feel their own Divinity.

Norma and Garret now live in Evergreen, Colorado, which is in the mountains west of Denver, Colorado. They enjoy the company of their 2 small puppies and appreciate the Rocky Mountain environment.