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S. from Germany

I also just wanted to share that, in teamwork together with my soul, we managed it, to become completely debt-free (bottom-line was: -15000 EUR) until the end of this most amazing year of changes. Since I joined the Ohamah school last year I realized this huge imbalance in my life, how dominant this topic became and how much I have hurt myself with this. So my main focus for this year was to re-balance again. The voices of my mind and a lot of trained aspects told me to work harder, be more effective, keep more money in my pocket and so on... but of course, I have tried this the past years and it does not work. It even made the im-balance bigger, because I became only exhausted and lost more energy. So I asked my soul to take care of this and in the meantime I concentrated on filling up my energies. Every day I felt within, how I could nurture myself and make the things I have to do with ease and grace. Of course I had setbacks, but what can I tell, it works ;-) and life is a lot more fun this way. All of a sudden came offers of money from all sides without asking for it. And the more my energy system refilled the more my bank account refilled also, step by step, just magical. I am so happy about that I can´t tell. So I am looking forward to start into this new year 2011 completly fresh and rebalanced and of course now I will take care of my energies before the go down... and enjoy life!

L. from Spain

Whenever I look at my Kuan Yin and She looks at me, with little Budha nestling in her lap, I feel the greatness of our last Ohamah School in Mallorca. The 5 days I spent in your, in Garret's, mine and the group's energy - were life changing. I got so many gifts - each download is a gem - and there were so many more. I feel an overflowing and embracing gratitude for this moment in time that you offered and that I was ready to receive.

The awareness of "All That Is" flows and swings within me and around me - I feel its power, strength, pure love and joy to birth a New Me, emerging out of this dance of reunion. All my love for ever to you, to "All That Is" - I receive abundantly - every moment - breath by breath.

K. from Switzerland

I've been with you and Garrett on the July Ohamah School and I'm still so grateful to have been with both of you in your beautiful home. My soul and I are dancing in a new way. Amazing.

The ease and grace have been entering my home and my relationship with my lovely daughter. I always felt a deep love for her but now it has a new and open quality that is so beyond words.

I'm so thankful I did this incredible Ohama School. I feel that it is the very basis for all that is coming. Breathing is the mystery of life! Thanks to you two, I have learned and felt this so deep in my heart.

L. from Germany

Before the Ohamah School I had a good life. Job? Beautiful. Abundance? Yes, coming along. Relationship? Great. So I was curious how the Ohamah school could help me improve my life and my experience as a human on this earth. Soon it dawned on me that I had overlooked some parts of me, that not all of me was truly happy and satisfied. Some parts of me were still suffering. Some parts of me still couldn’t say YES to this life. Some parts still created my life for me. They created some days of depression, some days of doubt, some days of emptiness for me.

But how could I be 100 percent in this New Energy? Totally safe, totally nurtured, totally creative? A part of me thought: Wow, that must be exhausting! How could I live without those grey day, those empty, sad moments? How could I dare to let my life become so fulfilling?

And I watched Norma and Garret, and I watched Ohamah, Kuan Yin and Yeshua – and in only five days they taught me HOW. Day by day they helped me to bring parts of me home. Day by day they encouraged me to become a wise leader for all my parts. The more I stayed in my center, in my space of loving authority, I felt deep joy. And it was not exhausting at all! To be in my authority space feels effortless, nurturing and safe. While the school was still going on I already felt my life changing.

This precious part of my soul that is so gentle, fragile and curious felt at last safe enough to come out. The joy and wonder about life’s beauty kept coming back. And I know now deep inside of me: My children, the fragmented aspects of my soul have a loving guide who they can trust. Never again will my children be hurt. It is truly time to integrate and become one again. Thank you Norma, thank you Garret, for creating this school, for travelling beyond time and space to be with us, for combining your truth and your skills and for allowing miracles to happen in broad day light.

J. from Australia

I read recently a comment from Osho that “an open heart is a condition of simplicity….. costing not less than everything." That seems almost an appropriate summary of the Ohamah School.

The integration that you teach challenges a person to pull life experience and consciousness into one cohesive divine human who walks their talk, regardless of the convenience of their actions. Once aware always aware.

Awareness and the emergence of the authentic self does really cost not less than everything. There is nowhere to hide from awareness and this is a rare gift to have received. It makes you real.

So thank you Norma and Garret because I know that I am integrating, becoming responsible and gaining clarity. Ultimately this means that I will now allow my own personal gifts to manifest for me in a way that I previously would not have allowed. It creates a safe space for me.

S. from Australia

For me, it first involved getting to know my garbage intimately - all that rubbish that my mind circulates and recycles over and over and over....you know what I mean? Once I had picked the rubbish up and inspected it for a while - identified it, yes, as my own - funnily enough, it felt a lot lighter, less scary, less an unknown mass circulating with hidden horrors. Some of it was even really hilarious and provided a few good laughs.

With the breath and the assistance of the two beautiful angels, Norma and Garret, and the other ones accompanying me, I chose to put the garbage out. Because my life is ultimately all about choice. My choice. I chose to recognise my stories for what they are, simply stories that have long since passed their use-by date. I was then able to, with kindness and compassion, invite those rejected and abandoned parts of me back in to play, to sit, to breathe.

The Ohama School, for me, is a journey of discovery, of transformation and rejuvenation. And it is one that continues every moment, every day, breath by breath. I continue to discover parts of me that were left out in the cold, parts of me that like doing things that I'd never thought possible - I continue to discover me. And I have a sense that everything's going to turn out ok. It is easier for me to trust this now.

M&J from CO

We looked at who our mentors have been.  We both thought of you two and how greatly you influenced our lives, thank you.

I went to the meadow as I drifted into sleep.  It kept working.  I was feeling the intense integration.

I noticed we are eating less.  As we have let go of our stories our bodies are letting go of stories too and so we do not want as much food as we use to.  Now we have another way to nurture ourselves.

R. from Israel

Here I am back in Israel, I would like to share with you my adventure on my trip home. You remember I was told not to worry that I will get on the flight and will sit in seat 3A. I'd better because after Friday all teh Denver-Frankfurt flights were booked out.

Boarding started and they called all kind of names, but not mine. At this time I knew that the economy class was overbooked and they started to upgrade paying passengers. I took a deep breath and told to Mary, Kuan Yin that I didn't mind not to sit in 3A, any seat is OK, but I have to be on this airplane.

I checked again with the nice girl at the counter, her response was, sorry you are still on standby. By this time almost all the passengers were on board and finally I could hear my name on the loudspeaker. Yes! and she handed me the boarding pass and my seat assignment was 2A. I was filled with a warm feeling and had the urge to scream YES, TES. With a big smile I boarded the aircraft and they closed the door after me. All this time I was observing my feelings, yes I did it!

I checked in again in Frankfurt for the flight to Tel Aviv. I knew this flight was wide open and the girl at the counter asked me if seat 3A was OK for me.

M. of Utah

I finished my trip up Mt. Kilimanjaro. It was the most challenging trip of my life. I would like to tell your students that it was breath that caried me over those 6 days and 50+ miles.

As the air thinned and my muscles spasmed, it was the sound of each breath that kept me company. Everything physically and mentally wanted to five out, but the breath was my constant strength.

I trusted Ohamah, I trusted you and I trusted the deepest knowing if I kept breathing I couldn't fail.

R. of Switzerland

I didn't realize what a different way I looked at everything after returning from the Ohamah School.

The old was so small I was bored. I even canceled old business appointments. The old life was like a playground for children.

You, dear Norma, prepared me for the messages of St. Germain. Metatron said the opposite of love is fear, I now know it to be true.

Breath by breath we chose to dip into fear or the space of love inside of us. Our work lead me to find the new clear energy.

My passion is rising again. I'm so excited about my new life.

BA from Florida

We worked with an extrodinary facilitator who could see, identify and bust our games of hiding.

Because we were willing to grow as fast as possible, we were willing to take risks and look courageously at our patterns.

The tools we were taught around breathing and inner work were aided by Norma moving our energy. I am now more grounded and centered as a result

M. from Colorado

It has been two months since completing the first Ohamah School and the impact is as stong now as ever. Processing continues at higher and higher energy levels and there are the weekly ah-has that continue. My core energy feels stonger, yet more refined. I know it will be a forever process and it certainly is exciting each and every day.

E. from Minnesota

Hello Everyone, I think my greatest challenge has come in this second week. I felt the energy was lessening and I was not able to feel my I-AMness like I was when we were together. I now realize that in part I was resisting the flow for my self. Just realizing it allowed me to open up and feel flow again. S. & I got together and did some deep breathing. I felt so safe and comfortable. The thing that is happening most for me is integration of my I-AMness. I can tell my conciousness is expanding by the understandings that come. I am also expanding my life. My health is continuing to improve into balance.

E. from Michigan

Dearest Norma,  I am doing great!!!   I am continuing to breathe and speak, to discover, to integrate, to love and nurture me.  The ah ha’s continue.  I do see that the new adventures ahead will not be at all like the “rocking the boat type”  I had experienced.  I am experiencing life in a whole new way, with infinite possibilities.  My physical well being has made a quantum shift into rebalancing and restoring.  My face has radiance.  Thank you for your courage and for what you have done.  Thank you for giving me truth, not bullshit.  I always felt Garrets presence in the school with us.

S. from California

Dear Norma,  I arrived home more lively than I can imagine.   When I kept saying Yes to my spirit I got the highest orgasm when I had sex with my husband.  I really experienced how powerful Yes can be.   I started to imagine what kind of life I want to live without the boundaries.  I will let you know of my choices.  The most amazing this is I did not gain even one pound with seven days of outrageous eating.  Thank you so much for hosing the school.  I am so grateful to Ohamah, Kuan Yin, Tobias, St. Germain, my higher self.  Thank you for waking me up, I am living my life with my heart.

B. from Colorado

Hi Garret & Norma,  I returned back to my hectic life after Ohamah with difficulty.  I am finding the time I spend with the “New Breath breathing” very helpful.  It grounds me and helps me to release the stresses of he day.  I have gone into those loving spaces within me from an honoring myself.  I will continue to visit that place to help me resolve issues I am having with my family.  I feel so blessed to have these tools with which to seek resolution for the issues that do arise.  There is the potential for so much more.  There are no words to thank you both for the opportunity to participate for a week in such a loving and safe space to bring about such a life changing experience for me.  I know my life will continue to be enhanced and transformed in ways I can not even imagine.

L. from Colorado

Good Morning Beautiful Friends, I have been visiting with Garret, Ohamah, and you every day, in fact several times a day. I cannot tell you how grateful I am for all that I have learned and all that I continue to bring into my life. Ohamah sure had a great idea to pull all of us together for this! Life is New! Full of so much fun!