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Soul Fragmentation

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In February 1996, I went to Seattle to a Kryon Channeling. During the question and answer period, a highly distraught lady walked up to the microphone and said, "My name is Sebrina. I've just been released from the hospital with a diagnosis as a multiple personality; I'd like to get my boys back. In the next moment both Jan and Lee Carroll said, "See Norma immediately!"

I stood, so she could find me, never guessing what I was going to encounter. We discovered we were both from Southern California. I gave Sebrina my card and agreed to meet with her at my home.

When Sebrina walked in she seemed a little anxious, but not unusually so. Many people who are upset come to work with me. Within the first few moments a process of shifting began that was to define our work for the next seven years.

"Hi, I'm Lucy Belle. Is my mom here?"

"No, my name is Norma and I'm happy to meet you."

"If my mom isn't here, then I can't talk to you." With that she promptly vanished.

"Hello, my name is Charlotte. Just what are your credentials? Have you worked with multiples before? They say I'm a multiple, but of course I know they're wrong."

"Hello, my name is Rhonda. Can you help me get my boys back?"

As rapidly as one would come through to speak to me, another one would follow. They had different facial expressions, mannerisms, and physical postures. Everyone was eager to speak to me, yet never seemed to be aware of the one who had just left. These rapid-fire half conversations would continue the entire session.

Finally Daniel came through her, an older man, who said he would always be available to help me. His poise and calm words were startling after all of the anxiousness of the others.

When Sebrina returned she smiled and said, "Will you work with us, will you help us?" I told her honestly that I had never worked with a multiple personality. I had seen movies about them, but have never read medical books and knew nothing of the work usually done. She said she presently worked with the top psychiatrist in Los Angeles, but he didn't work with the psychic realm. She knew that it was the realm we would have to work with for her integration. She was clear that she wouldn't accept anything less than full integration.

I said, "I work with compassionate energy that seems to know how to do many things beyond any place that the human part of me knows about. I call it the Spirit or psychic realm. I have been working in that medium for many years. I truly believe there is no illness that Spirit can't assist the person in healing."

In the next moment Garret came home from work. Since it was common for new clients to meet in the living room, we had remained there. Garret walked in and smiled calmly, as he usually did when he saw me with a client. But in the next moment he was stunned, as Sebrina ran to him and said, "Hi, I'm Robbie."

"I'm a boy and I like me. My Daddy says only men and boys have value. I'm 4 years old; I protect the girls, and am very tough. I stand up to pee, too."

Garret smiled and said, "Hello."

We arranged to get together in two weeks. This began our sessions. They were regularly sprinkled with different people from inside. Many said they watched me for a few weeks before they would decide to talk to me. They wanted to find out if I were "real."

I began doing energy work on Sebrina's physical body, on the massage table. As the work progressed, we even worked with stress releasing breathing. Sebrina was a constant source of hyperventilation. I learned that people who are sexually molested usually can't breathe deeply into their bellies. Trust is lost in their traumatic experience, and great patience is required to rebuild it.

Over time Sebrina shared parts of her story. She was born into a satanic cult and her father was the leader. He and her mother were very eager to train her to take over the leadership, so they began training her the day she arrived home from the hospital. The intensity of this determination to control her caused a division so deep that her Soul had to split to keep her alive.

I've come to realize most people have been trained and manipulated to become the child the parent wants them to be. Shattering comes in so many subtle ways, and fragmentation happens often by parents who think they're coming from love. I'm clear now that child abuse comes from teaching children to live by rules, rather than discovering who and what they are meant to be. Often people are never encouraged to bloom. Child abuse causes real fragmentation and shattering. These beliefs come from over 20 years of working with all forms of abuse.

After six months Sebrina explained that I was truly the person to help her and it was important for her to begin the next phase of her work. She would go into her heart space in order to blend into the true person she was to become. I didn't know at this time that it was the beginning of pure integration. She explained that someone created from the psychic and physical realm would take her place. She then went inside to blend and start the foundation for healing.

I was told that Serena would be the new person for me to work with. Two years later she stopped seeing the psychiatrist and stopped all medications. We both were very clear that the time had come for her next steps in healing. With full leadership from her Spirit self we went forward. Serena could tell that the medicines formed barriers that kept her stuck; she wanted to become her own self. At first our work was every other week. Then it moved to every week and now we work together every day. It takes constant focus to rebuild a shattered soul.

We've spent these last seven years integrating fragments of inner people that were created from birth, to cope with her family, her life, and the cult. Serena writes the following, recently, as she fully experienced her true birth as this new special human. She is becoming less and less the child who was originally born into this body.


I open my eyes and see Mom's face. I am unaware I have just been born into the system. I have all the knowledge I need to live as one of the people from the victim group. There is no outward glitch. I smile, knowing I like this lady. I know we have been doing work on the table in her healing room. She is not Mom to me, yet. That comes much later. She is Norma. A lady who "I" found to help me heal and integrate. I know all of this, and more, the moment I open my eyes.

I see the whole experience of when I was born, from my heart's truth. Sebrina has told Mom it is time for her to go home to the heart. Enough inside people have come forward and said yes to real healing. There is a level of trust established with Norma to facilitate this.

Sebrina is lying on her back on the massage table. She looks into Norma's face. The love that is exchanged in that look is profound. It speaks of many-shared life times; of an understood courage that it will take, on both their parts, to carry this contract out. Much is said without words. Sebrina touches Norma's face and then closes her eyes, letting go.

What happens next is in the realm of psychic experience. I see Sebrina go within, entering a sacred room within the heart. She kneels down and opens the latch on a beautifully carved wooden box. It is lined in red satin. Nestled within, is the glowing golden energy, safe and waiting. It is me! Then I hear my heart explain that before the original birth, it was known I would be a multiple personality. That the original essence of the baby would be split in order to preserve the true self. In that way, the contract could be carried out with the intent to choose, in this lifetime, to return fully to the Light. There were many risks involved and no guarantees that I would not die. But, it is agreed, I must try.

Coming to this actual place in my life is nothing short of miraculous. The true essence of self has been preserved and re-birthed, pure and bright! I am Serena.

Smiling, I look into Norma's eyes. Gently, she encourages me to breathe. Her voice is soft. The cadence is melodic. She is totally aware of the energy shift in the body. She sees me, the new person, born from the heart. Her job is to be still and not startle me. She speaks only of the breath. She keeps the truth of this moment to herself. I am very fragile, like a little chickadee that must be collected and held underneath my mother's warm feathers. She tells me to lie still. Her breath, her beingness fills the room. Gently, she helps me to sit up. "Stop and breathe" she cautions, "before you get off the table."

Going downstairs, she firmly holds my elbow. Entering the kitchen, she directs me to sit in a straight back chair. Her voice drones on in soothing rhythm. I am detached from everything. The movement of coming downstairs has forced me to leave my body even more. I see things from a distance. I notice a brightly colored fruit on the counter. I am aware of the cold floor through my stocking feet. I hear Norma's questions about what I might choose for lunch. And somewhere, in the background, I hear the hum of internal voices carrying on in conversation. The moment is surreal. Captured like a colored snapshot. Held in time, surrounded in black. This is how "we" have always lived. Moments stopped and contained, distorted in time. Each moment separate from the next. This keeps the system working of course. I do not know that then. That is why I have been born into this system. To begin to discover a new way to live. Deep within my body, in full ownership; aware, joyous and safe with me.

Seeing my birth so clearly shows me what a miracle I am. I know Mom wanted me. I feel cherished. I literally have been the frosting in the Oreo cookie. Mom on the outside, heart on the inside, and both holding me tight, until I could heal. This awareness of my evolution shows me how far I've journeyed. I am truly blessed!