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Boy in Coma

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I must see you today," the agitated woman said. "My 18-year-old grandson has been shot." Standing at my door was a tiny lady I had laughingly dubbed the "egg lady." A month before she had phoned and asked, "Are you the healer recommended by Kryon?" When I answered, "Yes, I am the person listed in their publication," she said she wanted to meet me. I made an appointment to meet with her. When she arrived, she had with her a dozen brown eggs from her prized chickens. By her words and actions I knew clearly that her words and actions were honoring me with a sharing of one of her treasures. Only later did I discover what a profound reverence for life she had.

Today, she had showed up at my door unannounced. I ushered her in. As she entered, she quickly explained, "David, my grandson, opened his door to intruders who intended to rob him. They shot him point blank in the skull and left him for dead. He managed to call 911 before he collapsed. Now he is at an emergency center in San Francisco and is going into surgery. We need your help right away. We need far more help than doctors alone can provide."

Immediately, I was washed with a flood of the energy that I lovingly call Spirit. It literally knocked me off my feet and onto my knees. I needed to sit and go into meditation. I breathed myself into my sacred space, which some might call their meditative space, and discovered that I could feel the actual energy of the operating room where David's surgery was then taking place. Not only could I feel the tension of the room, I could sense the heaviness of the surgeons' and nurses' responsibility. Although his grandmother and I were in San Diego and David was in San Francisco, I easily connected with him by means of his grandmother's love and willingness to connect.

The feeling of heaviness told me that the surgery was not going well. The heaviness was because no one present in the operating room believed or knew that David could live. He had not made a decision to die. It was essential that he remember he had the power to choose every step of the way. This was how I could help him best.

Suddenly Spirit flooded through me into the operating room where David lay unconscious. I could feel the energy in the room surge and swell with hope and life. It was as though the entire room became illuminated and uplifted. The Doctors seemed to breathe deeper and the nurses moved with expectation. The surgeons successfully removed the bullet from Dou's head. They then induced a coma-like sleep to minimize swelling in his skull.

When I realized David was in a coma, I knew that he would be lost in darkness and would need to see the light of this worldly reality to find his way back. I knew it was now time to give grandmother her assignment. This was difficult for me because my instructions did not seem, even to me, to serve any logical purpose. But knowing full well how Spirit understands all, I trusted it once more. I told her to go home and burn three candles for the next two days and keep three candles burning at all times. She was also to tell her son, David's father, that he must not give in to his own sadness and fear. Instead, he needed to be happy, even joking, getting everyone around him to laugh. There had to be such an abundance of happy energy around David that the young man could find the light of his earthly family and come back to his life.

Two or three day's later grandmother came to see again. This time she said, "I want you to fly to San Francisco with me to see my grandson." I agreed to make the trip. A couple of days later we were on our way. The short flight was uneventful until, suddenly, while we were still in the air, I began choking and gagging. Grandmother looked at me as if I was crazy, but was aware I had been working with David and his energy while in flight. Working energetically with the young man, I started to feel strangled. I sensed strongly that David was in serious trouble. As we continued working with him, he began to stabilize and my own sense of strangulation disappeared as quickly as it had begun.

We rushed to the hospital. I did not realize until we arrived, David was in the Stanford University Hospital. I had always placed that particular hospital and university in extremely high esteem. Suddenly, I was very nervous and off balance. What was I doing there? It was one thing to allow people to call me a healer in my own home. It was another thing entirely to function as a healer amongst the physicians and staff of such a prestigious hospital. It was extremely humbling for me to allow myself to be there at all. I had to work with my breathing pattern to push aside my ego's comments. Once again it became clear, Spirit and I were to concentrate on being myself and doing what I had come to do.

David was lying in his hospital bed, attached to every possible machine. We discovered that the doctors had earlier removed a tube from David's throat at the very same time I had felt strangled. Apparently, the procedure had been very painful, and they had to die David's wrists to the sides of the bed to keep him from thrashing. This explained why my own throat was in such pain during the flight. Grandmother also now understood my unusual choking behavior. She smiled and squeezed my hand. Little did we know that his tied wrists would literally save my life.

Grandmother had everyone else leave the room. I was alone with this young man, who was attached to more gadgetry and machines than I had ever seen in my life. It looked like an ER set. The doctors had thinned his blood and given him medication to cause him to go into a coma so that his brain would not swell after the surgery. They had gone in from the front of his skull to retrieve the bullet and bone fragments. The bullet had been lodged in the back of his skull. Then they put the skull back together and sewed up his scalp. He was now in a deep coma. Looking at all of this I felt a tremendous rush of love and gratitude for all that these wonderful medical people had done for him.

I began to blend my energy with David's by matching his breathing pattern. Soon, a strong sense of how he was feeling in the dark, sleeping space opened for me. As I began to match my energy with his, I also began to match our breathing more solidly, until he and I became one blend. At first, I did not know whether he was aware of this. It was important for me to join David energetically where he was. I had to go where the darkness of his peaceful coma began or ended. By my willingness to find him in the coma space, I could connect with him through the energy of my Spirit connected breath. Breathing with him, I could become a light that illuminated his darkness, because I was there as by conscious choice. As I matched his breath and breathed with him, David began to relax and shift into a more comfortable state. As he watched my light, I began to take over and lead the breathing. Spirit and I began to lead him out of his coma and back to his waking reality. Luckily for me, my profound trust of Spirit is so clear I had no need to know what would happen next.

Just then, the doctor walked into the room. H e wanted to know who I was. I said, "I am a friend of the grandmother's and I have been asked by the family to come here. I just move energy. Is it all right for me to be here? I'm just breathing with him."

The doctor said, "I guess so, it can't hurt anything." And he left.

A great deal of our time together was spent just breathing and breathing. Soon everything became brighter and brighter. I sensed he had begun to follow the light. This permitted me to lead him out of the darkness. However, when he followed me out of the darkness, and opened his eyes, his conscious mind was still in that very moment when he had been shot. Consequently, he was in a rage. He lunged forward, trying to attack me. He wanted to get the guy who was shooting at him, but I was the only person in the room with him. I was so absorbed in the energy between us that it did not occur to me to be afraid.

Fortunately, David was still tied down from when they had pulled the tube out of his throat. A terrified eighteen- year -old young man fighting for his life can be quite fierce and threatening. David continued lunging at the intruder. I spoke to him in a soothing voice, strengthening and stabilizing my voice as I spoke. I became very solid and strong, assuring him his assailant was gone, he was now safe, and he was right here alone with me. I could feel him coming closer and closer, emerging out of the coma, looking right into my eyes, connecting, and being in the present moment.

I felt and heard David's breath begin to stabilize. I watched all of the dials; gauges and numbers on the various machines begin to change. After a while, when David seemed to have stabilized even further and the numbers stopped changing, I welcomed him back and told him his family would be happy to see him. I said, "You have been on a long journey, coming out of your coma and back to this reality. Now, I would like you to go into a place you know as normal resting sleep. This is different from your coma. I need you to rest and I need you to restabilize now." I began shifting our breath into a pattern, which would induce sleep.

As he was breathing with me, and started to drift off, he suddenly became terrified that he was going to go into the darkness of a coma again. I reassured him, "We are not going into a coma, that is a different darkness, just stay with me." Through focus and my staying with him energetically matching his breath, he began softly breathing in a natural sleep pattern. I assured him that his grandmother, his dad and I would be back to see him in a little while, but for now he was to take a nap.

Once David was sleeping peacefully, I went to find his family. They were very anxious and needed some reassurance. "You know," I said, "I think it would be good for us to get some lunch." So his dad, friends, grandmother, and I all left. They were thrilled that he was out of the coma and were finally able to relax a little and eat. They even lapsed into a friendly chatter. Once again their love and light could sparkle. I knew this was exactly what was needed for them as well as for David at this time. Healing on so many levels was taking place.

When we returned from lunch, David was not in his room. He had stabilized to the point that he had been moved to a room for patients requiring less intensive care. We happily rushed to his new room. His grandmother said, "Hi, David. I am here to see you."

David opened his eyes. He seemed to be focusing clearly. He looked at his grandmother and said, "Hi grandma!" It was a magnificent gift. Soon he was talking with everyone, announcing he was feeling pretty good. We assured him it was important for him to stay in the hospital and keep getting stronger. With that we knew it was safe to leave.

The next day, when the doctor came to see him, David said "I'm feeling so much better, I'd like to get up now." He got out of bed, stood before the doctor and said, I really feel good. How soon can I go home?" He was released a few days later.

When David was discharged, the doctor told his grandmother, "I had no hope for him. There was nothing I could do for him. I have no explanation except you are seeing a miracle."

David is now enrolled at a university and plans to finish his studies, which were interrupted by the intruder with the gun.

This is how Spirit and I work. I walk people through traumas or away from old traumas that they have clung to. I stay with them until they come into this reality again. I help them to open up that space of themselves that has been wounded. Much like David, some only come to me for a moment in time, so I can walk with them out of the darkness, stand them upright, and get them going. Then they go on living their own lives unassisted. Some cases have required multiple meetings. Each individual is created so magnificently, their integration is unique. I am only a way shower or bridge builder back to this time and space for a client. Together, Spirit, and I do far more than if I begin to believe I do anything alone. Only the magnificence of Spirit can heal.